Here's some financial history and I promise it won't be boring. The end results lead to supermodels.  
It's 2008 and the recession has begun unfortunately. The stock market has dropped the most in history affecting all industries especially the fashion industry. Let's do a fashion financial flashback.  The beginning and mid 80's everyone was living the high life and high fashion was high profile. Then Black Monday happened in October 1987, the Dow Jones plummeted more than 22%, the most since 1929. Though the stock market recovered, it rippled into the savings and loan industry which caused the recession of the early 90's.  Also, this was happening during the Gulf War. Sounds familiar?
 During that recession the birth of the supermodels happened giving us Naomi, Christy and Linda, the legendary Trinity. Along with them came Cindy, Nadja, Elle, Yasmeen,Claudia, Stephanie and others that followed. So now that fashion industry is experiencing cut-backs and lay-offs will they need to look to the models to reignite the dropping sales? With most people done with all the starlets and reality tv and magazine sales floundering its all seems to point back to the rebirth of the "real" supermodel.
Who will be the new Trinity?

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