Huh? you might ask....well, let's go back in time when Garth Brooks could do no wrong, in certain circles of course. Garth was at the height of his career and wanted to branch out and created an alter ego named Chris Gaines.  He also wanted to make a film using this persona but the public didn't respond well to the album. The sales were lackluster and the film idea never came to be more than just that...an idea. Though this album did garner his first and only pop top 40 hit.
Now comes, Beyonce with her alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Granted in the past she spoke about her alter ego helping her perform live on stage, but from all the press pictures she looks like a Rhianna copycat without Rhianna's short hair. It seems like Beyonce is feeling Rhinna's heat and success. Case in point, Gareth Pugh, an independent designer that Rhianna help put on the map. Now Beyonce has started to wear his designs and it just doesn't seem to fit her as a person or as an alter ego. Perhaps, Beyonce should do what she does best...Beyonce and keep Sasha Fierce for the stage and to herself.

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Vishal said...

well her last Album to date "I AM...SASHA FIERCE" went platinum twice... so smoke that