Ok people we've been hearing it now all for awhile the Anna vs. Carine or Carine vs. Anna ---let's not get all silly and LA like are you on Team Carine or Team Anna and begin to wear those tacky t-shirts that state it. Both Carine and Anna are amazing and have their own sense of style, charisma, and taste that adds so much to the fashion world. We know that Anna is being followed around by 60 minutes and the segment will air during May sweeps and provide a push for the documentary,"The September Issue," which has been receiving huge praises. Carine is being followed by CNNI (CNN International) for their program,"Revealed." Certain blogs and people are saying who's piece will hit the air first and beat out the other as if they are talking about Lindsay vs. Paris vs. Britney. Now, now, now people it's just not the same and we don't want it to be that way. Enjoy Carine for her incredible French independence and Anna for her incredible sense of American chic. C'est la vie...

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